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Pacific Region

Includes San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura plus Las Virgenes SD (LA county) counties


Raina Arellano
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CAG_Cindy_HansenCindy Hansen
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Welcome to the regional page for the Pacific region of the California Association for the Gifted (CAG). The Pacific region includes the counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

Regional Representatives: About Us  

Educator Representative

Raina Arellano has enthusiasm toward supporting high ability learners of all populations reach their potential, grow and use their gifts and talents to make a positive impact stems from working with talented students in underrepresented groups. Raina understands that a variety of approaches are a well-matched method to elevate students’ range in potential and abilities. Raina has been trained in a variety of instructional methodologies and continues to seek new learning and practices that support the unique and varied learners in our region.

Raina’s educational background includes a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies, a Masters of Education in Teaching, and a certification in Gifted and Talented Education from California Lutheran University. Raina’s professional profile includes my current role as a district coordinator and previously served as a teacher on special assignment and a classroom educator.  

Parent Representative

Cindy Hansen is proud to be your parent representative. Cindy’s passion for serving the twice exceptional community and gifted students began with her two very different children who became my first students and mentors. Cindy is a SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator and an active member in both our region’s Tri-County GATE Council and the Association of Educational Therapists. Cindy has a Masters of Education, three teaching certificates, a post-masters certificate in Gifted and Talented Education, and is an Educational Therapist/Professional in private practice.  Using nuanced approaches to the interconnectedness of gifted, dyslexic and intentionality (AD/HD), Cindy integrates her understanding of social-emotional skills while assisting learners and their families to embrace and grow their complex learning profiles. Cindy is committed to serving our gifted community through workshop experiences, SENG Model groups, and informative sessions; collaborating with schools and in informal settings.


Membership in CAG supports advocacy efforts for gifted students in the state legislature, continued educator training opportunities, direct access to the Gifted Educator Communicator, and discounted conference fees.

CAG Regional Meetings  

CAG Regional Meetings provide opportunities for administrators, educators, parents, and policymakers to gather to discuss gifted education in response to the diverse social, emotional, and intellectual needs in their region of California.

Tri-County GATE Council (TCGC) has a full calendar for our school year that is updated as changes occur. Please be sure to check the most current calendar HERE

RSVP for a CAG Regional Meeting by contacting your Educator Representative and Parent Representative.

Date: 1/11/2019 Time: Monthly Meeting 9:00-10:30
Business Meeting 10:30-12:30
Location: Ventura Unified
Date: 2/8/2019 Time: Monthly Meeting 9:00-10:30
Time: Business Meeting 10:30-12:30
Location: Carpenteria
Date: 3/8/2019 Time: Monthly Meeting 9:00-10:30 and
“We honor Our Own Luncheon”
Location: Ventura Unified
Date: 5/10/2019 Time: Monthly Meeting 9:00-10:30
Business Meeting 10:30-12:30
Location: TBA

Professional Development and Conferences

57th Annual CAG Conference

Palm Springs, California

February 22-24, 2019

For more information, visit the CAG Conference section of our website.

County Office of Education Links

CAG collaborates with county offices of education to support the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted students in the state of California.

Ventura County:  https://www.vcoe.org/

Santa Barbara County:  https://sbceo.org/

San Luis Obispo County: https://www.slocoe.org/

Regional Events

The following regional events are not hosted or sponsored by CAG, however, we would like to provide you access to information in your region that supports gifted education. Please contact your Parent and Educator Representative for details regarding events listed below.

Please view the Tri-County GATE Council Calendar to view GATE events in the Pacific Region or nearby.

GATEway to Leadership

Cate School

Saturday, March 9, 2019Tri-County GATE Colloquium

Santa Barbara

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Regional Resources

Pacific Region Specialized Schools

The Knox School of Santa Barbara

1252 Santa Barbara,

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Oak Crest Academy

5450 Churchwood Dr.

Oak Park, CA 91377

REVO Academy

1080 E Janss Rd.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

GATE Certification Opportunities

Tri-County GATE Certification Process

The Tri-County GATE Council (TCGC) recognizes the Local Education Agency’s (LEAs) in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties ability to meet the professional development needs of their faculty.  In conjunction with this effort, the Tri-County GATE Council will authorize a GATE Certification upon completion of specific extended education opportunities crafted for teacher of gifted and talented learner.  For more information, contact Jesse Green at jgreen@pleasantvalleysd.org

Tri-County GATE Council Certification Cohort for 2018-2019

The Tri-County GATE Certification Cohort is a flipped model program with six in-person meetings developed by Tri-County GATE Council members and headed by Jessie Green.  The program meets the certification requirements set by TCGC and in some cases may be linked to a single university credit (i.e. CSUCI for Pleasant Valley Cohorts). This program is available for professional development; a sample course syllabus is pictured here:

University GATE Certification

University of California Irvine (UCI Extension)

  • http://unex.uci.edu/
  • Click on “certificates”
  • Click on “Gifted and Talented Education GATE”
  • 9 units/ Online delivery & onsite courses of study available
  • Contact: Anna Yoshida anna.yoshida@uci.edu