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Since 1961, CAG has been spearheading gifted education advocacy efforts across California. Our policy positions are based on leading academic research and currently span 21 topics at the heart of gifted education.

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Gifted students are found in all populations and grade levels. As a result, California must develop the intellectual capacity and the intellectual potential of the next generation to ensure that the state has the opportunity to be a leader in a competitive market. California Association for the Gifted strongly endorses differentiation and excellence in educational programming to meet this goal.

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Parents and educators in the California Association for the Gifted (CAG) have been the principal supporters of gifted learners in California since 1966. The program benefits that gifted children enjoy today are a direct result of that support. Your membership makes you a part of the team working for gifted education. Through your membership in CAG, you clearly demonstrate that you actively support gifted education in California. Receive information on CAG events through our member mailing list and CAG member exclusive benefits. Network with other parents at CAG events. Become a member today to advocate for your child and others!


Individual Membership is for those who are aligned with CAG’s mission to support the intellectual, academic, social, and emotional needs of diverse gifted students.


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Life Membership is for those who want to commit a lifetime to advocate for CAG’s mission to support the intellectual, academic, social, and emotional needs of diverse gifted students.


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Does your Child’s Gifted Program Need Additional Funding Support?

California schools are funded through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) as a means to provide greater flexibility to school districts in the distribution of equitable funding that is responsive to local needs. Through LCFF, the state is providing the decision-making power to school districts and their school boards, with input from parents and community members to make fiscal decisions for student needs. School districts engage parents, staff, and community members to gather input to develop a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that addresses the needs of all students. Make sure gifted students are included in your school district’s LCAP. Request that your school district include programming and services for gifted students by submitting a letter to your school board and superintendent.

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